Honesty in Marketing
  Clarity Trumps Salesmanship

How to Steer Clear of Google's
"Duplicate Content Penalty"
 Free Video Demo

 Use this technique to "Trick" the Google Robots by slightly changing the content so that it appears different or new. 

Internet Marketers correctly refer to this method as "content spinning", an often-used and VERY effective way to get older material "repurposed", adding value to their offerings by skillfully rehashing what a predecessor has already authored.

Google Robots are programmed to reward for "change", thereby immediately effecting the transfer of authority from the originator to the spinner; and elevating the latter to "Expert Authority".

If you study the video and implement this strategy, Google will love and reward you with better Search Results Placements, and more exposure.

On the other hand, if you do not cleverly or wittily "spin" or "repurpose" and simply reproduce content in its original form, Google will see that as "wasting their resources" and redundant, and it will be "banned" . . .